Best Kpop Waves Of Light I Want To Drown In

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Finally, you did it. Saving all year, just for this one moment. Whether you got your tickets online or stood in an endless line of humanity. You’ve also watched them endure Kpop Survival Shows, learned the choreography of your favorite song, practiced every fan chant you can think of, and bought as much fan gear attire as possible. From the countdown to the opening song, and the anticipation of finally seeing and hearing your favorite idol sing is all part of your Kpop concert experience. Another important aspect, of Kpop concert culture, is crowd participation. One must have item needed, is the concert light stick. This one tool will truly help you enjoy the euphoria of emotions and therefore create memories that will last a lifetime. Our team wanted to look at some of the most popular Official light stick.

1. Twice- Candybong (JYP Entertainment)  <<<<Customer reviews on

Twice Group Profile



3. Blackpink (YG Entertainment)<<<<Customer reviews on

     Blackpink Group Profile



4.EXO-Aeribong (SM Entertainment)<<<<Customer reviews on

EXO Group Profile Coming Soon


5. BTS- Army Bomb (Bighit Entertainment)<<<<Customer reviews on

BTS Group Profile





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